School Transportation

We are very excited to have each and every one of you here at East Yancey Middle School. Our number one priority is to get students in the door safely. It is also crucial students get home safely, whether it's on the bus or through the pickup line. We have worked carefully with our transportation director to coordinate a plan that we believe is in the best interest and safety of our students.

Drop off Mornings:

Parents/guardians will enter at the football field and drop students off at the gym in the normal fashion by 7:50 am. If you are later than 7:50 am a parent or guardian will have to walk the student into the building and sign them in.

This will also be the new designated pick up entrance. In order for the pickup line to operate efficiently, we need your help in the following procedures:

1. Parents/guardians will enter at the football field and line up two by two, stopping at the barricade until directed to move to the front porch where students will be loaded into cars.

2. Please remain in the pickup line and stay in your car. During afternoon dismissal your student will remain on the inside of the building and will be loaded into your car by an EYMS staff person on the front porch.

3. Please note that you will NOT be able to enter the school from the Georges Fork entrance after 3:00 because buses will be lined up waiting to load students.

4. The lower parking lot will be the only area available for parking and coming into the school, however students will not be released to that area for pick up.