Best School in America

East Yancey Middle School students were recently asked, “Why is East Yancey the Best School in America?” Here are some of their responses:

Esmerelda: “I think that East Yancey is the best school in America. What I like about it is there are good teachers that try to help us to be better in and out of school. East Yancey Middle School ROCKS!”

Walker: “I think it is the best school because the teachers are great and it is tobacco and smoke free.”

Ryleigh: “All the teachers at this school that help out the students are what make East Yancey the best school!”

Catherine: “EYMS is the best because the teachers are nice and the classes are fun. You are rewarded for good deeds. EYMS is the best school in the world. They help you with anything you need in ways that do not make you embarrassed; they always have and always will. They are the most kind hearted, caring, and loving people in the world!”

Zach: “Great football team, good teachers and students.”

Betsy: “We’re a loving school that cares about all the students and never bully. The teachers are the best, students are the best, and the principal is the best, with hearts of gold. EYMS CARES!”

Flor: “What makes East Yancey the best school is the teachers, they care for us, they make us proud when we feel down in the dumps. The teachers work hard to help us. I have great friends here.”

Evan: “We are respectful to others and welcome diversity here at East Yancey! We do not hurt others feelings, but instead we help people up and try to help others feel better. That’s why we are the best!”

Elijah: “Our school is the best because of the amazing teachers and beautiful location.”

Brock: “It has the nicest teachers and school team feeling. Everyone is nice and polite and it’s just awesome!”