Health Center

Health Center

Any student may be enrolled in the Student Health Center.  Parents must complete and sign the enrollment forms.  Students can receive medical care for illnesses including treatment for strep throat and flu, first aid and emergency care, and physical exams including sports physicals.  The Student Health Center staff can also provide nutrition counseling, mental health counseling, and assistance with managing chronic medical conditions.  Please call 682-6152 for more information.

Health and Medications

Any student in need of medication during the school day must present a doctor’s note prescribing the medication before it can be brought or taken at school.  This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medication.  Parents must complete the appropriate paperwork at school before medication can be administered.  Additionally, if your child has any allergies or special medical problems, you must notify the school and fill out the appropriate paperwork.  The Student Health Center is available to help in any medical situation if your child is registered.

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