Parents must be prepared to pick up their golfer by 6:00 from practices

.  Car pooling is encouraged.  

  • Dress code:  Any time we play at a golf course (Wednesdays), students must wear a collared shirt. Tucked- In (NO t-shirts allowed, even Hollister and American Eagle). an EYMS Panther golf shirt will be worn to all tournaments.   

  • No jeans (even brown or tan jeans), when playing at a golf course.   This is typical of most golf courses and will be our policy.  

  • All student golfers walk.  Get in shape and get used to it.  No Carts for student golfers.  Less clubs = less weight.  Mt. Air has some steep terrain, Driver optional

  • Bring water to all practices and tournaments/ umbrella/ hat / jacket

Coaches: Ric Cedergren & Michael McCart

Athletic Director: Jeremy Sink

2016 Golf Schedule

All matches will start at 3:30

 Date     Place
 April 25 @ Mt. Glen
 April 28 @ Grassy Creek
 May 5 @ Grassy Creek
 May 9 @ Mt. Mitchell
 May 11 @ Mt. Glen
 May 16 @ Mt. Air

Tamara Presnell,
Oct 15, 2014, 12:08 PM