School Transportation


School Bus Passenger Safety

*Riding a school bus is a privilege which can be taken away if behavior is consistently poor.


Ø  While waiting to board your bus, make sure that you are safely off the road.  Students should stand at least 20 feet or one car length from the edge of the pavement.

Ø  Many of you have to board a school bus in the dark.  You should use some type of reflector to indicate where your driver is to stop and to help other motorists see you.

Ø  Do not push or shove while waiting to board a bus.

Ø  Never cross the roadway while waiting to board the bus.

Ø  You should not walk toward your bus while it is approaching.  Wait for the bus to stop and the stop arm to extend.  You must wait for the driver to give you a “thumbs up” before boarding the bus.

            Ø  Before boarding your bus, check traffic in both directions.  (Even though the law requires all vehicles to stop for school buses Ø                      while they are loading or unloading, not all people obey laws.)

Ø  Do not push and shove while boarding the bus.  Be sure to use the handrail.


Ø  All passengers should be seated, if possible.

Ø  Never stand in the doorway.

Ø  Normal classroom conversation is expected on the bus.  You should not talk loud, shout, or otherwise distract the driver.

Ø  Do not throw paper or other objects while on the bus.

Ø  Keep your arms, feet, and head inside the bus at all times.

Ø  Never play with the back door.

Ø  Never transport animals on the bus.

Ø  For disciplinary reasons, the driver has the right to assign seats.


Ø  Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Ø  Use the handrail while leaving the bus.

Ø  You should never go behind the bus for any reason. (Your driver cannot see you.)

Ø  Do not linger around after leaving the bus.  Go straight to your home.

Ø  If your home is on the left side of the roadway, you should cross one car length in front of the bus.  Make sure you check left and right before and as you cross the roadway.

Ø  If for any reason you are not going straight home, make sure you notify the driver. Example, “I’m going home with a neighbor instead of going home as usual.” Remember: A required note from the student's parents who they are going home with must be presented and that note must be approved by the administration.

 At School

Ø  Do not run to board the bus when school lets out.  Remember, many parents drive to school to pick up their children.  Board your bus in an orderly manner.

Ø  If you are riding a bus other than the one you are assigned to, make sure you have authorization from the principal.

Ø  Do not damage or deface the bus.  Your parents helped pay for the bus in which you ride, and they can be billed for damages done by you to a bus.

Student Drop Off

When dropping a student off at school in the morning please enter the campus at the entrance off of Hwy 19 (lower gate).  This allows a normal flow for traffic.  To help us avoid traffic issues please do not come in through the George’s Fork entrance and through the circle.  If you drop a student off after 7:55 please have that student report to the office to sign in or they may be counted absent.

Student Pick Up

Please refrain from picking your child up early from school.  They are involved in important academic classes until school is dismissed.

New Dismissal Procedures

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  We are very excited to have each and every one of you here at East Yancey Middle School.  Our number one priority is to get students in the door safely.  It is also crucial students get home safely, whether it's on the bus or through the pickup line. Due to the large number of student pickups, our current plan causes a major back up of traffic on Georges Fork Road. Beginning this school year, we will implement a new dismissal plan.  We have worked carefully with our transportation director to coordinate a plan that we believe is in the best interest and safety of our students.

Parents/guardians will enter at the football field and drop students off at the gym in the normal fashion by 7:50 am.  This will also be the new designated pick up entrance.  In order for the pickup line to operate efficiently, we need your help in the following procedures:

1.       Parents/guardians will enter at the football field and line up two by two, stopping at the barricade until directed to move to the front porch where students will be loaded into cars. 

2.       Please remain in the pickup line and stay in your car.  During afternoon dismissal your student will remain on the inside of the building and will be loaded into your car by an EYMS staff person on the front porch.

3.       Please note that you will NOT be able to enter the school from the Georges Fork entrance after 3:00 because buses will be lined up waiting to load students.

4.       The lower parking lot will be the only area available for parking and coming into the school, however students will not be released to that area for pick up. 


As this is new, there will be plenty of faculty and staff helping until everyone gets used to the new traffic pattern.  For student safety and to avoid traffic congestion, please cooperate with staff.